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Audio Analogue Fortissimo


Audio Analogue is a brand new arrival to Eric Wiley, and from the moment we listened to the range we were very impressed.

The Fortissimo Amplifier and CD player both perform expectationally well providing excellent warmth, detail, placement and a superb sounds stage to the music.

Air Tech is synonymous of no compromise sonic performance, listening pleasure first of all, a signature more than a brand, a sign of recognition that immediately brings to mind emotions perceived through music and all its nuances. The technology Air Tech has developed to realize its products, has now been applied to the Audio Analogue ArmoniA line products through the use of selected components and wiring obtaining performance of absolute reference for the category of these products and also far beyond.

The new ArmoniA line includes the well-known CRESCENDO Integrated Amplifier, CRESCENDO CD Player and FORTISSIMO Integrated Amplifier which in addition to being further improved with Air Tech technology, they have a new look more elegant and refined.

audio_analouge_fortissimoThe FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC perfectly exemplifies our philosophy to design products which can interface different audio systems at the best audio quality. In fact the FORTISSIMO CD Player/DAC is not only a CD player but is also provided with all the features making it a high performance digital to analogue converter.

fortisThe FORTISSIMO Integrated Amplifier further develops our concept about what an integrated amplifier is. In fact, we believe that the integrated amplifier has to be the interface between the loudspeakers and many different audio systems always guaranteeing the best audio performances.

To arrange a demonstration of of the Audio Analogue Fortissimo please feel free to contact us or call (01977) 556774 / 553066


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