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Eric Wiley – Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary

Eric Wiley is proud to announce its 60th Anniversary.

The early days of the audio shop after opening.

The early days of the audio shop after opening.

Founded in 1957 by the late Eric Wiley, the business started life as photographic retailer serving the people of Castleford. Eric, along with his wife Brenda, were both very passionate about their trade. As leading wedding photographers in the area, there are still many customers who recall how he documented their special day, or helped preserve the memories of past occasions for the children and grandchildren of people who visit the store today .


boseDuring the late 1970s the business expanded into additional premises to accommodate the rise in popularity of home audio products. Brenda’s second husband, Malcolm Douglass, had the knowledge and passion to help Eric Wiley branch out into a new direction. The shop began to deal with fledgling companies who would blossom into household names such as Bose, Mission and Monitor Audio. These brands found their feet in this decade and, just like the shop, went from strength to strength as people realised that high quality sound was available in the comfort of their own homes.

 The 1980s and 1990s saw huge growth for the business. Increased affordability of hi-fi and car audio products saw a huge increase in the popularity of these products. Audio systems from the likes of Technics, Pioneer and Kenwood are often still running in peoples homes to this day. With the ongoing popularity of turntables, the advent of cassettes and subsequently Compact Discs, along with tuners, it was not uncommon to have large “stack” systems. For audio fans on the go, investing in a walkman meant that the music could be enjoyed on the move by many for the first time.

img313smalltechnicsThe 2000s saw David Hughes, nephew of Eric Wiley, take over the running of the business. This decade saw huge innovations in technology. From revolutionary flat screen plasma TVs to MP3 players, and digital cameras to DVD players, the business was able to move forward with the times while also maintaining the levels of service customers expect to receive from a family business. The ability to take your entire music library with you wherever you go on an iPod, or stream it around your house wirelessly may have sounded far-fetched in 1957, but the past decade has saw this become a reality. Whether you wish to enjoy music via surround sound systems, discreet wireless speakers or enjoy films via a customised, 7.1 Home cinema, technology has allowed you to create a system perfect for your requirements.

Today, Eric Wiley is proud to offer both a mix of traditional audio systems alongside cutting edge home entertainment technology. Whether it’s the Vinyl Revival or streaming Netflix 4K – Eric Wiley has the passion, the expertise and the very best quality products to make it happen.




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