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Now In Stock – van den Hul Interconnects


We have just replenished our stock of the superb Van Den Hul cable range. The interconnects are high quality and designed carefully for optimal sound. A.J. van den Hul established the company in 1980, and his cables have proven to be some of the most popular and well reviewed on the market.





We have a history of success with these cables, and stocking analogue cables such as The Bay, The Wave, The Name and The D-102 III Hybrid just to mention a few, we are sure you’ll be impressed by the difference these interconnects will make to your Hi-Fi system. We have paired them with a host of brands and find they excel with many that we deal with, such as Audio Analogue, Arcam, Roksan and Musical Fidelity. Whether we have tried phono or balanced XLR, van den Hul cables sound wonderful.

Please give us a call for any more information or questions you may have on 01977 556774 or email us at where we will happily advise you on which cable would be the best fit for your system.


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