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Ruark Audio To Introduce A Multi-room Solution

R2 Multi-Room – A unique solution that looks as good as it sounds…

British family firm Ruark Audio is proud to stand out from the crowd and has quickly built a fine reputation for the outstanding quality and design of its products. The recently released R2 is no exception and with its new R2 multi-room upgrade the company feels that it has a special product to offer in a market which is seemingly awash with products featuring bland styling and synthetic finishes.

Unlike many other multi-room systems, set-up and control of track playback can be performed directly on R2 itself! The high contrast OLED display makes system set-up easy and provides information such as artist and album name during playback. Also with Ruark’s trademark RotoDial controller, volume can be quickly adjusted and music tracks skipped or repeated to suit the listener’s needs. Finally in this age of app driven devices Ruark will soon be releasing an application for iOS and Android devices, which will allow two or more R2’s to be remotely controlled from anywhere within the networks wireless range.

Launching at this year’s Sound & Vision Show, Ruark Audio’s multi-room technology allows the same music to be played simultaneously through multiple R2s with users being able to share music on their home network and also from Spotify and Internet radio.

The R2’s handcrafted casework and metal panels create a sleek and compact music system that will enhance rather than detract from its environment. Whether used on its own or as part of a multi-room solution the R2 is a technological tour-de-force and featuring the latest audio technologies allows customers to access and play their music in a variety of convenient ways, but what makes the new multi-room R2 really special is its sound. Sound quality is Ruark’s heritage and with 30+ years of expertise and an impeccable eye for detail means R2 , like every Ruark Audio product, delivers eye opening sound quality across all genres.

The new R2 multi-room version will be available from mid April. All current Ruark Audio R2 MK3 owners will be able to upgrade their models via an online firmware update.


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